UKOLN An Introduction to the Internet

An Internet taster session for Bath Library Staff

Public Libraries as Information Providers

The following web sites are examples of current public library services or serives that could potentially be developed by public libraries to enhance the online servics and facilities they offer.

Public Library Web Sites

UK sites

US sites

Service Ideas

Searching Finding

Enhanced OPACs

Including plot synopses, author biographies, reviews, links to similar books, related information sources, cover shots, etc. An enhanced OPAC, accessible from outside the library building, would enable those who are unable to get to the library, e.g. the housebound, to make more informed book selection choices.

Reader profiles

Profiles of people's reading patterns can be established and push technologies can be employed to email suggestions of titles and/or authors to customers.

Subject Gateways

Subject gateways are provide a collection of quality assured resources.

Literature promotion

Online book discussion groups.

Interviews (including live online interviews by email or video conferencing) with authors.

Interactive activities based on a work or character, particularly for children.

Learning online. E.g. online creative writing, literature appreciation classes. New ways of reading and writing, i.e. non-linear, hypertext offers readers multiple choices, different beginnings, middles and ends.

Readers book reviews published on the library web site.

Development of literacy skills. Online services may encourage non-readers to read and those with little IT skills to develop them.

Co-operative promotions with other libraries and organisations online.

Access to multi-cultural resources held in other locations.

Resources for library staff.

Family History Resources

Family history resources on the web.