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A talk was given by Simon Ransome, Suffolk Libraries and Heritage at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 15-16th November 1999.

Suffolk Case Study
Suffolk council was connected to the Internet relatively early, in 1995, and ICT development received a great deal of support from the council and chief executive. The council’s site has developed with very little house style, which was thought to be more appropriate for very large sites. The logo and a consistently designed navigation bar are used through the site but different departments develop their own identity. The site is supported by three fully funded posts. A number of areas of the site were shown including the recently launched Book of Remembrance service from the Record Office which attempts to list details of those who were killed in the Great War.

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Biographical Details

Simon Ransome has been the Project Manager of the Suffolk County Council Website since 1998. He is responsible for a team of three. The Council website has over 15,000 pages, looked at over 7,000 times a day.