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A talk was given by Michael Day, UKOLN at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 15-16th November 1999.

A Quick Introduction to Metadata
The presentation covered the basics of metadata. Michael started by defining metadata as "structured data about data that imposes order on a disordered information universe" and suggested that it can be thought of as the missing architectural component from the initial implementation of the web. The presentation focused on the use of metadata in resource discovery, and in particular the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - which was described as "an initiative to define a core set of metadata elements for resource discovery on the Internet". Some of these elements such as title, creator/author and publisher are familiar from traditional cataloguing requirements, whilst others such as format and rights extend the description. Michael discussed tools, such as DC-dot developed by UKOLN, that can be used to create metadata in web pages. The importance of metadata was illustrated with a look at some services such as information gateways, which create simple resource descriptions that can be both searched and browsed and the Resource Discovery Network, which will allow cross searching of information gateways.

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Biographical Details

Michael Day works at UKOLN on a variety of metadata-based projects. He writes and speaks widely about the issues involved with metadata and digital preservation.