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About the Talk

A talk was given by Heather Kirby, Croydon Libraries at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 15-16th November 1999.

Croydon Case Study
Heather Kirby from Croydon Library Service spoke about Croydon Online. She explained that the site was developed from a clear set of aims and vision. Many of the initiatives involve working cross-sectorally, which Heather admitted had proved to be hard work. It was explained that, for example, it can be difficult to ensure that web sites you may link to, but over which you have no direct control, are kept up to date. Despite the difficulties, working with other departments and organisations was felt to be a worthy experience. Working with the education department has, for example, enabled the library to access funding to develop the Skillsboost initiative. This funding would not have been available to the library had they not been in partnership with the education department.

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Biographical Details

Heather Kirby is Head of Reference & Information Services in the Croydon Libraries & Museums service. She has much experience of working in information services. She is a firm advocate of the value of public libraries in their communities and the benefits of ICT provision as an integral part of a public library service.