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About the Talk

A talk was given by Chris Batt, LIC at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 15-16th November 1999.

The People's Network: the Final Frontier?
Chris gave an introduction to the People’s Network, describing the project’s mission as being "to improve the quality of life for all citizens by facilitating the People’s Network as a sustainable network of access points/learning centres that will provide a national gateway or channel co-ordinating all public sector information resources". The presentation emphasised the shift from ‘place to space’, from the library that (to some people) appears never to be open when they want to use it, to the 24 hour accessible public service portal and community grid. Examples were shown of how the Internet can be used to support traditional library services, such as access to the library catalogue and the reference enquiry service, as well as developing new services to position the public library at the heart of the community.

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Biographical Details

Chris Batt OBE is Chief Network Adviser to the Library and Information Commission where he is responsible for the implementation of the Government’s New Library Network policy. Until August 1999 he was Director of Leisure Services for the London Borough of Croydon where he had worked for over 20 years.