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PEG-BOARD: Palæoclimate & Environment Data Generation – Building Open Access to Research Data

PEG-BOARD was an 18-month JISC-funded project centred around the need to build flexible and open access infrastructure around palæoclimate and environment research data. This project was led by the University of Bristol, with UKOLN, the University of Leeds and the University of Southampton as partners. The project ran from October 2009 to March 2011.


  • The University of Leeds
  • The University of Southampton

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  • Greg Tourte - Project Manager
  • UKOLN staff who worked on PEG-BOARD: Emma Tonkin, Andrew Hewson, Michael Day.

Background information

The PEG-BOARD project is topic-led, focusing on management of palæoclimate data, an important research area today as a result of the worldwide focus on anthropocentric climate change. This data is presently reused by many communities: palæoclimate research, predictive climate models, oceanography, atmospheric and earth science, biology and ecology, mathematics, archæology, teaching in HE, and the media, publishing scientific communications for a global audience. The project focuses on enabling open access to historical climate data in a systematic, managed environment. PEG-BOARD explores the data management needs of a palæoclimate research group and the linked ecosystem of researchers, including named project partners and associates active in Earth Sciences (University of Leeds), Archæology (University of Southampton) and journalism/broadcasting (BBC). It examines identification of requirements, social, policy and technical, within and without the core institutions that make up BRIDGE, and on the adaptation (or development) and deployment of a pilot data management infrastructure.

Project dissemination

Tourte, G., Tonkin, E. and Valdes, P., 2010. The PEG-BOARD Project: A Case Study for BRIDGE. In: 14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 2010-06-16 - 2010-06-18, Helsinki. University of Bath Repository Opus ID 18722

Tourte, G., Tonkin, E., Valdes, P. and Ball, A., 2010. PEGBOARD - Open Access, Reuse and Preservation of Palaeoclimate Data. In: 6th International Digital Curation Conference, 2010-12-06 - 2010-12-08, Chicago. University of Bath Repository Opus ID 21423

Tonkin, E. and Tourte, G., 2011. PEG-BOARD Research Discipline Use Cases : A report for the Joint Information Systems Committee-funded PEG-BOARD project. UKOLN. University of Bath Repository Opus ID 33768

See also the Publications section of the main project web site.

Further information

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An archive version of the main project site is available on the Internet Archive. On 13 March 2013 had been crawled 6 times, going back to 3 March 2012.