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This page introduces some work undertaken at UKOLN between 2004 and 2007 as part of the Digital Curation Centre's research programme (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council grant no. GR/T07374/01, Digital Curation Centre: Research).

It has long been acknowledged that successful digital preservation initiatives are likely to depend heavily on co-operation, e.g. structures that enable the sharing of knowledge, expertise and infrastructure across traditional domain boundaries. The rise of the 'institutional repository' paradigm reminds us that co-operation is going to be also needed at the repository level. In place of physically integrated, centralised digital preservation systems that will attempt to fulfil all the functions defined by the OAIS model, we are likely to see distributed preservation infrastructures based on networks of co-operating repositories together with shared services like registries of file format information. In these networks, repositories will need ways of interacting both with each other and with their designated communities. Initial work is focused on the production of a scoping paper that will introduce the problem and focus on issues like selection, object exchange and repository certification. This will help identify other potential research topics.

References and links

A comprehensive list of references and links relating to this research (dating from 2006) is available at:

Project outputs

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Available at:

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PDF draft available at:

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PDF paper available at:

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Other relevant publications

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Available at:

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Draft version available at:

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Available at:
Final draft versions (HTML and PDF) are also available at:

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Draft version available at:


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