RSLP Collection Description

RSLP Collection Description Concertation Day

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

University of London
Wednesday, 22 September 1999


Janet Allen, University of London Library - Head of Bibliographic Management

Tony Austin, Archaeology Data Service - Computing Officer

Frances Blomeley, University of London Computer Centre

Helen Cordell, School of Oriental and African Studies - Deputy Librarian

John Davis, The Manchester Metropolitan University - Design Council Slide Collection Cataloguing and Digitisation Project

Sue Donnelly, British Library of Political and Economic Science - On-line Guide to the Papers of Charles Booth

Julie Evans, Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Lesley Forbes, Bodleian Library

Mike Heaney, University of Oxford - Associate Director(Service Assessment, Planning and Provision

Jackie Hwang, University of Birmingham - c19 Pamphlets and Ensemble

Sarah Mahurter, London College of Printing - Nationwide Research in Book History and Design

Patricia Methven, King's College London - Media Archives and M25 Collection Level Descriptions

Ronald Milne, Research Support Libraries Programme - Director

Shirley Perry, John Rylands University Library - Middle Eastern Studies

Andy Powell, UKOLN, University of Bath

Katie Sambrook, King's College London Library - The History of Science and Technology 1801-1914

Gregory Walker, Bodleian Library - Head of CCMP for Russia and EE Studies

Eric Watchman, Durham University Library - Mapping Asia, ARCHway,CURL

Keith Westcott, Archaeology Data Service - Curatorial Officer

Jane Wharton, University of Nottingham - EGIL

Jules Winterton, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies - Collaborative Collection Management of Foreign Legal Materials

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