RSLP Collection Description


This project worked with other RSLP projects, enabling them to describe their collections in a consistent and machine-readable way. Based on a thorough modelling of collections and their catalogues, the project developed a collection description metadata schema and associated syntax using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). We developed a simple Web-based tool in order that projects can describe their collections.

Key deliverables

An Analytical Model of Collections and their Catalogues [final version]
a document describing the RSLP collection description schema and the content model upon which it is based.
Simple editing tool
a simple Web-based collection description tool. Some information about other tools is also available.
Data entry guidelines
a document providing a set of data entry guidelines for those using the RSLP collection description schema - includes a list of collection types.
Prototype search service
a Web-based demonstrator, enabling searches to be made across a range of collection descriptions gathered from RSLP projects.

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Project proposal

Collection Description - Study, Recommendation, Specification

Background information

People working on RSLP Collection Description

Michael Day
Michael Heaney
Andy Powell

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Last updated: 15-Oct-2001

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The RSLP Collection Description project was a collaboration between UKOLN and Michael Heaney (Associate Director, Oxford University Library Services Directorate). It was funded by the Research Support Libraries Programme with support from the Online Computer Library Center, Inc..