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Formed following a meeting of key UK stakeholders, the Metadata for Education Group (MEG) serves as an open forum for debating the description and provision of educational resources at all educational levels across the United Kingdom.

Founded upon a set of fundamental principles enshrined in the MEG Concord, this group seeks to reach consensus on appropriate means by which to describe discrete learning objects in a manner suitable for implementation in a range of educational arenas. Having reached such consensus, the group will act to gather and disseminate best practice and guidance across the educational sector.

MEG intends to establish itself as an authority in the application of descriptive metadata to predominantly UK educational resources, and seeks to become the first point of call for policy questions surrounding this topic.

Signatories to the MEG Concord

Getting involved

To participate, or for more information, contact Pete Johnston at UKOLN.


News and Events

  • A joint meeting of MEG and the CETIS Metadata/Digital Repositories SIG, on the topic of the UK LOM Core application profile, took place in Glasgow on Tuesday 17 August 2004.
    Agenda   Meeting Notes.


MEG has produced a variety of documents describing our work.


MEG holds meetings where implementors share experiences and seek to develop best practice.

Mailing List

MEG activities are progressed on our mailing list, hosted by JISCMail.
To join, follow these instructions.


Application Profile

Controlled Vocabularies


During 2003, JISC and BECTa funded some development work on a metadata schema registry for MEG.

A prototype is available at

Currently (summer 2004), this work is being further developed in the IEMSR project.