UKOLN A Second International Meeting on National Digital Cultural Content Creation Strategies

List of Attendees

The following individuals will be attending the Second International Meeting on National Digital Cultural Content Creation Strategies in Washington, DC., in March of 2002.

Helen Aguera, National Endowment for the Humanities
David Dawson, Resource
Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC
Jose Luis Esteban, National Library of Spain
Eleanor Fink, World Bank
Shelagh Fisher, CERLIM
Kati Geber, Canadian Heritage Information Network
Tony Gill, Research Libraries Group
David Green, National Initiative for Networked Cultural Heritage
Dan Greenstein, Digital Library Federation
Steve Griffin, National Science Foundation
Catherine Grout, Distributed National Electronic Resource/ Joint Information Systems Committee
Nancy Gwinn, Smithsonian Institution
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, State Museums of Berlin
Susan Haigh, National Library of Canada
Ken Hamma, J. Paul Getty Trust
Jieh Hsiang, National Taiwan University
An Knaeps, Flanders Ministry of Culture
Steve Knight, National Library of New Zealand
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
Marianne McLean, National Archives of Canada
Gerald Maier, State Archive of Baden-Württemberg
Daniel Malbert, French Ministry of Culture
Deanna Marcum, Commission on Library and Information Resources
Bob Martin, Institute of Museum and Library Services
James Michalko, Research Libraries Group
Paul Miller, Interoperability Focus, UKOLN
Sarah Mitchell, New Opportunities Fund
Michel Murray, Canadian Heritage
Frits Pannekoek, University of Calgary
John Perkins, CIMI
Joyce Ray, Institute of Museum and Library Services
Jacob Schouenborg, Ministry of Culture
James Shulman, Mellon Foundation
Kevin Sumption, Powerhouse Museum
Winston Tabb, Library of Congress
Jennifer Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics
Sirkka Valanto, National Board of Antiquities

Organizational details should be addressed in the first instance to Paul Miller of UKOLN.



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