UKOLN A Second International Meeting on National Digital Cultural Content Creation Strategies

DRAFT Agenda

This meeting is intended to be flexible, and to meet the needs of participants. The agenda, below, is offered as a model by which discussion might be moved forward over the two days.

Monday 18 March, 2002
The Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW [location]
8:30Continental Breakfast
(Robert Martin, IMLS; Paul Miller, UKOLN)
9:45Summary of Last Meeting, Introductions and Expectations from the Group
(John Perkins, CIMI)
13:15Issues arising around previously commissioned Policy Research

How do we understand what patrons do, and what they want?
(David Dawson, Resource)
Are there Sustainable Economic Models for Content Creation? [paper to follow]
(René Bouchard, Canadian Heritage)
Can we identify common goals or aspirations behind Content Creation Programmes?
(David Dawson, Resource)
What trends, if any, can we identify in funded research activities?
(John Perkins, CIMI)

Items for future research?

16:00Policy Research, continued...
18:00Reception (Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Avenue NW [location])
please note: the Club has a dress code of jacket and tie or equivalent
Partners travelling to Washington with meeting participants are welcome to attend the Reception, providing we have numbers in advance...


Tuesday 19 March, 2002
The Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW [location]
9:00Do we have a shared view of technical standards?
(Paul Miller, UKOLN)
10:00Capturing the Issues: Development of Position statements

Creation of Digital Cultural Content
(Tony Gill, RLG)
Preservation of Digital Cultural Materials
(Tony Gill, RLG)
Management and Use of Copyright Material in the Networked Environment
(David Green, NINCH)

Should we prepare further statements?

11:30Making the case to grant givers or recipients
13:30Does this group have a future, and what form might this take?
16:00Where do we go from here?

Organizational details should be addressed in the first instance to Paul Miller of UKOLN.



  • Introduction
  • Attendees


  • First Meeting