UKOLN Z39.50 Interoperability Profile

Drafting Meeting, 15-17 August 1999

NEW!!!Version 1.1 of the Bath Profile now available.

These pages were intended to offer the background information required for those invitees attending the post-ZIG meeting in Bath, at which we drafted the new Z39.50 International Interoperability Profile document.

The Profile aims to capitalise upon earlier work regionally and nationally in order to develop a single, straightforward, International Profile to support cross-vendor searching of OPACs and other information resources.

Participants at the meeting included many of those responsible for earlier Profiling efforts, and a session at the Z39.50 Implementors Group meeting in Stockholm was used to gather views from the larger group attending that meeting.

The meeting was organized by Paul Miller of UKOLN, Bill Moen of the University of North Texas, and Carrol Lunau of the National Library of Canada. It was chaired by Carrol Lunau of the National Library of Canada. Organizational details should be addressed in the first instance to Paul Miller of UKOLN.

[Joint Information Systems Committee logo] This meeting has been made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the United Kingdom's Higher Education Funding Councils.



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