UKOLN Z39.50 Interoperability Profile


The agenda for the three days will be fairly flexible, adjusting to meet the requirements of actually producing a draft document by the end of the meeting. As well as the formal time spent in Bath, issues related to this Profile will be aired in a session at the ZIG in Stockholm during the previous week, and input from this session will also be used to refine the agenda.

Despite the difficulty of defining a comprehensive agenda for this process, certain basic areas of work can be usefully laid out:

Day One

Days Two and Three

Work items for the remaining time will very much be governed by successes on Day One. We anticipate that the 'easy' work related to searching of OPAC-like resources, and returning MARC-flavour records, will be largely complete by the end of the first day, and the beginning of Day Two will be spent finishing off this work. Attention will then turn to other aspects of the Profile, including:

Each of these topics is important to the long-term success of the Profile in many of the environments in which it is likely to be deployed. We will need to be careful, though, in defining work items which can be usefully advanced in the time available, and it will be important not to hold back the Profile as a whole through becoming bogged down in unresolvable problems in these areas. The ultimate goal is to leave Bath with a draft document suitable for submitting to the ZIG mailing list and elsewhere for peer review and experimental deployment.