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JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop

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Wednesday 27 - Thursday 28 June 2012

The Bristol Hotel
Prince Street
Bristol BS1 4QF

A blog post on the workshop has been published on the Innovation Support Centre site.


The structure and timings are intended to be reasonably fluid, to allow time to discuss key issues arising, either in plenary or smaller groups.

Presentations submitted by speakers appear against their name and session on the programme.

Diagrams produced during breakout sessions that have been submitted are also available in rough form.

Wednesday 27 June

Time Session details
10.00 Coffee
10.30-10.40 Welcome and introduction: Josh Brown, JISC.
10.40-10.50 RIM support/CERIF landscape: Rosemary Russell, Innovation Support Centre, UKOLN [Presentation in .ppt]
10.50-11.00 CERIF Support Project: Brigitte Jörg, Innovation Support Centre, UKOLN [Presentation in .ppt]
11.00-11.10 RIM support/infoKit: Stuart Bolton, JISC infoNet [Presentation in .ppt]
11.10-11.20 HE Information Landscape Project (report published 21 June 2012): Andy Youell, HESA
11.20-11.40 Discussion: Landscape, HESA research information plans
11.40-11.50 RCUK Research Outputs System (ROS): Dale Heenan, ESRC [ ROS CERIF demo (MV4 video file format) ]
11.50-12.15 Discussion: how the community can work more closely with ROS
12.15-12.30 Breakout planning
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.00 Open Breakouts
14.00-14.10 Gateway to Research (GtR) - Darren Hunter, EPSRC [Presentation in .ppt]
14.10-14.30 Discussion: Working with and adding value to GtR
14.30-15.00 Identifiers
15.00-15.20 Break
15.20-16.00 Breakouts
16.00-17.00 Feedback and Plenary Discussion
17.00 Finish of Day 1 sessions
19.00 Dinner at Bordeaux Quay Brasserie, courtesy of JISC

Thursday 28 June

Time Session details
09.00 Open Breakouts
10.30 Institutional Repositories sessions start
10.30-10.40 Welcome and Context: Neil Jacobs, JISC
10.40-10.50 Elevator pitches for RIM projects
10.50-11.00 UK RepositoryNet+ Overview: Andrew Dorward, EDINA [Presentation in .ppt]
11.00-11.10 RIOXX Metadata guidelines: Paul Walk, Innovation Support Centre, UKOLN [Presentation in .ppt]
11.10-11.20 Information Flows Diagram Introduction: Josh Brown, JISC [Presentation in .ppt]
11.20-11.30 Coffee
11.30-12.30 Breakout: Information Flows Diagram discussion in groups
12.30-13.00 Feedback from Groups
13.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-13.45 UKRISS landscape study: Simon Waddington, King's College London [Presentation in .ppt]
13.45-14.00 CERIF in Action Roadmap: Scott Brander, University of St Andrews [Presentation in .ppt]
14.00-14.30 Open Breakout: Group 1: Funding streams; Group 2: vocabularies/authority files; Group 3: IR/CRIS challenges
14.30-14.40 Project Snowball: Anna Clements, University of St Andrews [Presentation in .ppt]
14.40-15.00 Discussion: the Snowball approach.
15.00-15.15 Next steps and conclusion: Josh Brown, JISC
15.30-17.00 Groups may decide to meet/continue discussion

Breakout discussions

Breakout discussions on day 1 and day 2 (09.00-10.30) included the following topics:

  • Improving inter-project collaboration – avoiding duplication of effort, sharing CERIF-XML between projects, using infoNet tools, other useful tools
  • Options for maintaining key CERIF outputs from JISC projects – who should custodians be? (eg role of euroCRIS and CERIF task group)
  • Research data
  • Managing impact data
  • REF and CERIF
  • Working with the Gateway to Research

Day 2 Breakout Discussions Morning (11.30-12.30)

RIM information flows diagrams
'As is' and 'to be' information flows:

Group 1: Institutional information flows:

'as is' - part 1
'as is' - part 2
'as is' - part 3

'to be'

Group 2: Services
'as is'

Group 3: Research Councils/Reporting
'as is'
'to be'

Group 4: Repositories
'as is'
'to be'

Day 2 Breakout Discussions: Afternoon

Breakout group 1
Funding streams: How to represent the relations between:

  • entities (projects, outputs etc)
  • funding streams (grants, APC funds, etc)

What are the requirements, scope and relationships with other things?

Breakout group 2
What are the priority vocabularies and/or authority files that the sector needs to be able to use and share? For example:

  • JACS
  • Organisational identifiers
  • Grant identifiers…

What first steps can be taken toward them, and who should be involved?

Powerpoint Slides: Priority Vocabularies and Authority Files

Breakout group 3
Functions and (meta)data seem to be moving from repositories to CRIS (at institutional and sector level).

  • What are the challenges in this transition?
  • What should we (not) do now to help?

Powerpoint Slides: IR/CRIS challenges


The Twitter hashtag for the event is '#rimbristol'.

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