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Workflow Tools

An examination of current tools used to model workflows and business processes

The Illustrious Suite, Bath Rugby Club,
11 Argyle St, Bath, Avon BA2 4BQ

Tuesday 30 November 2010

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Please note that this programme is still draft.

0930 - 1000
Registration and Coffee
1000 - 1010 Introduction of DevCSI and overview of the day
Mahendra Mahey
1010 - 1050 Motivating BPEL, addressing BPMN vs. BPEL and BPMN-to-BPEL transformation and execution in ODE
The Business Process Execution Language is the de-facto standard for executable business processes and service orchestration. In this talk, Tammo will provide arguments for the need for BPEL, give an overview of the concepts behind WS-BPEL 2.0 and put it in relation to the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0). In addition, he will present Apache ODE as a state-of-the-art open source BPEL engine.
There will be time for questions and dicsussion.
Tammo van Lessen (Researcher, Open Source Developer, SOA & BPM Expert)
1050 - 1120
Introducing Intalio
Amole, will discuss the role of Business Process Management (BPM) in accelerating Business Transformation within an organization in order to respond more effectively and efficiently to change and therefore be more agile. Following this, there will be a discussion of the capabilities of Intalio BPMS the world's most widely deployed Business Process Management System (BPMS) with a case study.
There will be time for questions and dicsussion.
Amol Vedak (Director Sales, UK & Ireland at ITC Infotech) (Presentation over skype)
1120 - 1135
1135 - 1215 WSO2 Business Process Server
WSO2 Business Process Server is an Open Source BPEL runtime that is based on Apache ODE. BPS takes ODE and runs it as part of the Carbon OSGi Open Source runtime - offering an enterprise console, management capabilities and linkage to a wide variety of other code including an ESB, Identity Server, Governance Registry and Business Activity Monitor. In this session , the Chief Technical Officer of WSO2, will demonstrate the Carbon environment, BPS and the Carbon Studio Eclipse basedvtooling as well as show how BPS can be tied into an open source Business Activity Monitor. Finally, human workflow integration with BPEL and ODE in BPS will be covered.
There will be time for questions and dicsussion.
Paul Fremantle (Chief Technical Officer of WSO2)
1215 - 1230
Lightning Talk 1 - delegates invited to present specific issues concerning them
1230 - 1330
1330 - 1415 Taverna
Taverna is a suite of scientific workflow tools, allowing researchers to graphically design data-driven pipelines that represent in-silico experiments, combining public web services (SOAP/REST), existing local tools, third-party scripts and extensions for specific services, like EBI's BioMart. Execution of Taverna workflows can be done interactively from the desktop, on the command line, exposed as WSDL/REST services by the Taverna Server, or by using web-front ends for Java Portlets and Ruby.

Taverna is successfully used in a large number of domains, including chemistry, bioinformatics, medicine, text mining, astronomy and music. Taverna workflows have been used on large data such as genomes and
archives of digitized images. The companion websites enables users to share and find more than 1100 Taverna workflows, while the allows discovery, annotation and monitoring of more than 1700 biological web services.
There will be time for questions and dicsussion.
Stian Soiland-Reyes (Technical Lead for Taverna)
1415 - 1430
Lightning Talk 2 - delegates invited to present specific issues concerning them
1430 - 1515
Intalio BPMS and APADO Business Agility Platform
Intalio Business Process Management Suite is the world's most widely deployed BPMS.  APADO Business Agility Platform is based on the integration of 6 agile technologies (Business Process Management, Business Events, Business Rules, Analytics, SOA and Business Constraint Optimisation) from over 25 enterprise open source products including Intalio BPMS.
In this talk, Suleiman Shehu, will show how Intalio BPMS and APADO can be used to develop and deploy powerful and agile Documentation Management WorkFlow, Dynamic Case Management and Business Process solutions that are capable of responding dynamically to changes in a business environment; leading to increased profitability, cost reductions and mitigation of business risks.
There will be time for questions and dicsussion.
Suleiman Shehu (CEO of Azinta Systems and Chief Architect of the APADO Platform)
1515 - 1530
Lightning Talk 3 - delegates invited to present specific issues concerning them
1530 - 1545
1545 - 1630 Discussion panel with all presenters (some participating via skype) and audience
Topic: How can the tools presented today be effectively deployed in the education sector (or more widely deployed) and how can the sector benefit, especially in the current climate? What are the barriers and issues to their take up and use?