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Cloud Workshop

A one day workshop giving you an overview of Cloud technologies and showcasing examples of how the technology is used in further and higher education

Room 32-3077, EEE Building,
Highfield Campus, University of Southampton,
University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

Friday May 27th 2011

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0900 - 1000
Registration and Coffee
1000 - 1005
Introduction to the event
Ben Charlton and David Tarrant
1005 - 1115

Basics of the Cloud - David Tarrant and Ben Charlton

My first EC2 instance
    •    Connecting to your EC2 instance and installing stuff
    •    Connecting an EBS Volume
    •    Creating an installation script
    •    Setting up a Linode

Coffee Break
1130 - 1230
Advanced services / Snapshotting / Backups - David Tarrant and Ben Charlton

•    Using EBS for mysql and your data.
    •    Snapshots
    •    Upgrading your hardware
    •    Elastic IPs
    •    Creating your own AMI
    •    Linode Recovery console
◦    Load Balancing
    ◦    More advanced S3
    ◦    Linode StackScripts

1230 -  1330
Lunch and networking
1330 - 1500
Lightning Talks
Examples of how Cloud services are used where you work - please vounteer a talk, we would love to know how you are using Cloud Services
1330 - 1345
FleSSR and the next steps for UMF
Matt Johnson (Eduserv)
1345 - 1400
An Amazon quick fix for resilience : How the availability of AWS for remote backup gave us faith in outsourcing to a cheap and cheerful Subversion service.
Roger Greenhalgh (Harper Adams University College)
1400 - 1415
Overview of the Cloud research activities at Surrey and teaching Cloud to Masters students
Lee Gillam (University of Surrey)
1415 - 1430
Google Apps in HE
Manish Malik (University of Portsmouth)
1430 - 1445
Lightning Talk 5 - spare slots, please volunteer before (email Mahendra Mahey) or during the event (Dave Tarrant or Ben Charlton)
1445 - 1500
Lightning Talk 6 - spare slots, please volunteer before (email Mahendra Mahey) or during the event (Dave Tarrant or Ben Charlton)
1500 - 1515
Coffee Break
1515 - 1545
Cloud Security
Ben Charlton
1545 - 1615
Amazon's Cloudfront CDN
Ben Charlton
1615 - 1630
Wrap up and finish