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SZTAKI, Budapest, 6-7 March 2003

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The event will take place at:

1132 Budapest XIII,
Victor Hugo u. 18-22

Travel Guide

SZTAKI produce a useful travel guide, however please note that the workshop venue is not in the main SZTAKI building, it it is on the other side of the Danube [map] so information about hotels convenient to the main SZTAKI building should be ignored. Travel Guide


The following hotels are in close proximity to the venue where the workshop is taking place:

Danubius Thermal & Conference Hotel Helia
1133 Budapest, Kárpát u. 62-64.
Tel: +36 1 452-5800 Fax: +36 1 452-5801

Single: 100 Euro/night Double 120 Euro/night

This hotel is 3 stops by trolleybus to the venue, it is a real spa hotel, and use of the bath is included.

"Fortuna" Szálloda- és Étteremhajó
H-1137 Budapest , Szent István Park Alsó Rakpart
Tel: +36 1-288-8100, +36 30-343-3356 Fax: +36 1-270-0351

Single: 50 Euro/night Double 60 Euro/night

This hotel is 1 stop by trolleybus to the venue. It is accommodation for the adventurous, a real ship floating on the Danube, converted into a hotel/restaurant.

"Victor" Apartman-szálló
H-1132 Budapest , Victor Hugo u. 25-27.
Tel: +36 70-242-8811 , +36 1-239-7928 Fax: +36 1-452-0575

Single: 35 Euro/night Double 42 Euro/night

The is the closest hotel to the venue, the hotel faces the building where the workshop is taking place.

Ibis Budapest Volga
1134 Budapest, Dózsa György út 65.
Tel:329-0200, 320-9475 Fax: 340-8316

Single: 58 Euro/night Double 66 Euro/night

This hotel is 1 stop by underground and a small amount of walking to the venue

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