CORES Schema Creation
Registration Workshop

SZTAKI, Budapest, 6-7 March 2003

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The workshop will provide an introduction to the use of RDF to describe metadata vocabularies in the form of machine-understandable schemas. It will focus on the publication of these schemas in the CORES Schema Registry. Practical sessions will allow participants to learn to use the CORES Schema Creation Tool to prepare schemas and submit them to the Registry, and to navigate the schemas submitted via the Registry's Web interface.

The project has been funded by the European Community. For more information about the CORES project see

The CORES Schema Registry provides a publication environment for the descriptions of metadata vocabularies and their constituent terms. Those descriptions include not only the standard declarations of terms provided by the creators of the vocabularies, but also descriptions of the usages of those terms as they are deployed by implementers in the context of a project or application. Earlier research projects introduced the use of the term "application profile" to describe this second class of vocabulary description.

Publication in the Registry requires that vocabularies are described in machine-understandable schemas, using the conventions of the Resource Description Framework (RDF). The CORES Schema Creation Tool enables the managers of metadata vocabularies to construct such schemas by providing information on the terms they declare and on the terms they reuse from existing vocabularies. The tool generates a schema which can be submitted to the CORES Schema Registry and may also be saved as an RDF/XML file for use by other applications.

The aims of the workshop are:

  1. to provide a brief introduction to RDF and specifically to the use of RDF to describe metadata vocabularies;
  2. to introduce the CORES Registry data model: the classes of resource described, their attributes and relationships, and their representation using RDF;
  3. to allow participants to use the CORES Schema Creation Tool to create and register schemas;
  4. to allow participants to navigate schemas via the CORES Registry HTML interface and via some other tools;
  5. to explore the effectiveness of the CORES data model for representing a variety of vocabularies;
  6. to evaluate the functionality of the CORES Schema Creation Tool.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted at those with an interest in creating and managing metadata vocabularies. The Schema Creation Tool is intended for use by information workers, project staff, system implementers or others who are familiar with the requirements for metadata within their system. Workshop participants should be familiar with a specific metadata element set which they can use as a basis for input into the schema creation tool, whether this is an element set in use within their own system or whether this is a 'standard', or a generic application profile.

Detailed knowledge of RDF Schema semantics and RDF/XML syntax is not required for participation, as the schema encoding will be generated by the tool.The workshop will provide a good opportunity for those participants who wish to gain a working understanding of RDF and its application to the description of metadata vocabularies, without focusing on syntactic details.


The workshop will run from 6 to 7 March 2003.

The Cost of Registering for the workshop is 70.00 (Pounds Sterling)

The delegate fee includes full attendance at the workshop, refreshments and lunch on both days, dinner on 6th March and workshop materials.

To register for the workshop please go to the Booking Form

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