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Sharing Made Simple: 10 Sept 2008

Backup Of The Workshop Wiki

  • Corporate Depts (eg IT, Corporate Image etc) - need to get political partners on board to apply pressure via SMT
  • Need for Higher Level Education - fear of impacts of negative return from Web 2.0 - "it's chaos". Especially at Snr Manager level. Need for realistic risk management.
  • Computer Literacy (public) - would we be excluding a generation who don't use this tech but visual content can be more appealing to those with poor literacy.
  • Training/ Staff Knowledge - How do we get people's knowledge and skills up to scratch?
  • Time - How do we resource this work? Who has the time?
  • Evaluation - how do you evaluate this work as being worthwhile? How do we get our paymasters to say that these are OK in terms of our KPIs?
  • Legislation & Procedures - DDA, DPA etc.
  • Sustainability - of Software and activity. How do you work with services with which you have no SLA? How do you make sure this continues in the long term? Who might support us?
  • Choosing Software - how do we select the right product?
  • Duplication of Effort (eg. with Corporate Website) - is this a waste of time? Will it be contradictory?
  • Getting People to Use It - If we build it, will they come? What's a 'good' level to judge ourselves against?
  • Abuse & Bad Publicity - How do we deal with this? What if it all goes wrong and gets in the papers? Could I lose my job?
  • Cost - Who pays? How?