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Sharing Made Simple: 10 Sept 2008

Workshop Feedback

Workshop feedback

A totlal of 17 eveluation forms were received for the workshop. A summary of the responses is given below.

Note that for questions 2-5 the scale ranged from 1 (not very) to 6 (very).

1. Was the level of training

too easy (0) about right (17) too difficult (0)


  • Would be interested in a strategy session.
  • Could have done with more time - but handouts to try later helped
  • I've used some of the tools mentioned but this was a great introduction to few new ones.
  • Just right for one day - but so much more I want to know now!

2. How knowledgeable was the trainer about the subject?

Average Score (Out of 6:) 5.64


  • Clearly Brian knows his stuff. Ill be checking out his Video Blogs.
  • Implement at least '1' 2.0 technology.
  • Fluent

3. How well did the trainer involve the group?

Average Score (out of 6) 5.47

4. How well did you rate the administration and facilities for this event?

Average Score (out of 6) 4.76


  • Sign post a little confusing, plus room being locked.

5. What is your overall assessment of the event?

Average Score (out of 6) 5.35


  • Would have liked more time to complete and understand exercises, maybe a two day course.

6. What actions do you think you will take in your organisation as a result of today's event?

  • Feedback on libraries issues.
  • Suggest user driver blogs, service status RSS feeds.
  • Implement at least '1' 2.0 technology.
  • I will aim to find out more about the different possibilities and use one/some!
  • Feedback to managers. Begin talks with colleagues here today & look at Regional partnership working.
  • Hopefully implement at least one suggestion.
  • Share knowledge & expertise.
  • Thanks you extremely interesting - I'm certainly going to give some of there ideas a go!
  • Will look at implementing some new ideas into our service.
  • Need to work on this - think is through more, RSS first steps.
  • Start using Web 2.0 Technologies.
  • Hopefully share what tools are available with colleagues, that can help us with our jobs - RSS feeds, sharing bookmarks. Also sharing with wider policy colleagues.
  • Look at ways of using Web 2.0 in monshire.