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CILIP Council Meeting: April 2009

Brian Kelly gave a talk on "The Social Web and the Information Professional: Risks and Opportunities" at a CILIP Council meeting held at the CILIP Headquaters, Ridgmount Street, London on 29th April 2009 from 14.30-16.30.

The talk took place in a CILIP Council Open Session on Web 2.0. Further information is available on the CILIP Web site.

The Social Web and the Information Professional: Risks and Opportunities

This brief talk will describe the potential benefits which can be gained from use of social Web services can provide information professionals, such as CILIP members.

The talk will illustrate ways in which use of Social Web services provided outside of traditional organisational structures will be of great relevance to the profession. The talk will describe ways in which the potential dangers of such approaches and limitions of the services can be addressed.

Slides: [MS PowerPoint] - [HTML]

Remote Participants

The organisers of the event have announced their intention to set up "an open CILIP Communities forum for the event, to post to; and you can follow the live tweets on twitter. The hash tag we'll be using is #CILIP2.0"

I'm very pleased to see CILIP seeking to provide wider access to the discussions at the meeting in order to encourage participation from CILIP members and other interested parties.

If you are participatinhg remotely I suggest that you either listen to my slidecast prior to the event or view the slides at the same time as I give them (I have many only a few minor changes to the slides).

I have suggested to the organisers of the session that if anyone has a mobile camera which can be used to stream the session, using, for example, video-streaming services, such as Qik, then myself (and Phil Bradley) would be happy with that. However I don't know if that will happen.

I'd suggest that remote participants take the opportunity to either use Twitter with the tag #cilip2 or add comments to my blog post about the event if they wish to make plans for how to best engage with the meeting as part of a remote audience.

One final suggestionm I would make is that you could use Twitterfall with the "#cilip2" search option - and, if you are in a shared environment, display the tweets using a projector. This might provide the sense of presence which a number of people felt they gained from the Twiiterwall at the Museums and the Web 2009 conference.

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