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A map is a simplified depiction of space. It is usually a two-dimensional, geometrically accurate representation of a three-dimensional space. The science and art of map-making is known as cartography.


These are usually printed on single sheets of paper, which may or may not be folded. The oldest maps are manuscript drawings. They are often issued in series (e.g. the Ordnance Survey maps of the UK). Modern maps are made to specific scales, for example 1 inch to the mile.

Atlases and gazeteers

These are sets of maps bound in book form. A grid with co-ordinate reference coding printed over the map allows the user to move from an index to the appropriate position on a specific map.


Globes are simplified depictions of planets, especially the Earth, on the surface of a sphere.

Geospatial data

This data is generated from basic data models for geographic features.

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