Aims & Objectives


The Web is continuing to grow and develop within the UK Higher Education community. Not only are the number of services growing, but, increasingly, we are finding new technologies for developing and delivering web services are emerging. Although many of the new technologies have enthusiastic supporters, institutions (and funding bodies) may have their concerns over the implementation and support costs. Managers of web services may have concerns regarding the interworking of various technologies.

Fortunately the Web enables national (and indeed international) auditing tools to be used, which can assist in monitoring usage of emerging web technologies.

The WebWatch project will develop and use a number of monitoring tools in order to assist various communities by providing an analysis of use of Web technologies within various communities in the UK.


The objectives of the WebWatch project are:


We would like to work with related groups on a number of levels:


WebWatch will accumulate a body of material over its lifetime, this is envisaged to include:

Aside from statistical summaries of data, we would like to look at producing visual representations of particular web communities.

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