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Survey Of UK HE Institutional Search Engines - July 2005

UK University Search Engine Usage


Surveys of search engines used on UK University Web sites were carried out approximately every six months between July 1999 and June 2003. The detailed findings were recorded and the findings and the trends informed discussions with the UK University Web management community. However due to lack of effort, the surveys have not been repeated.

This Survey

This data was collated by Lucy Anscombe of Thames Valley University. We are grateful for Lucy's permission to host this page.

A summary of the findings is given in the following table:

Search Engine Nos.
Google 44
Other 24
ht://Dig 21
Inktomi / Verity Ultraseek 10
Not working / not found 5
Google search appliance 5
Thunderstone 2
Total 109


Please note the following:

As a result of the previous two points, it is not possible to make a direct comparison with previous surveys. However the following point is probably valid:

Detailed Findings

Detailed information is given below:

University Web site Search engine used Additional?
Aberdeen Google (with templates)[1]
Abertay Google (with templates)
Aberystwyth Unknown php
Anglia ht://Dig
Aston ht://Dig
Bangor Google (with templates)
Bath ht://Dig
Bath Spa Google
Birbeck ht://Dig
Birmingham Google (with templates)
Bournemouth Unknown cgi
Bradford ht://Dig
Brighton ht://Dig
Bristol ht://Dig
Brunel Google (with templates) ht://Dig
Buckingham Thunderstone
Cambridge Inktomi
Cardiff Unknown
Central England, Birmingham perlfect
Central Lancashire Google (with templates) excite
City Google (with templates)
Coventry Unknown
Cranfield ht://Dig
De Montfort Google (with templates)
Derby Google (with templates)
Dundee egothor (OSS)
Durham ht://Dig
East Anglia Thunderstone
East London albert (french)
Edinburgh Inktomi
Essex Unknown
Exeter ht://Dig (xhtsearch?)
Glamorgan not found
Glasgow Caledonian Inktomi
Goldsmiths College Unknown cgi
Greenwich not working
Heriot Watt ht://Dig
Hertfordshire Google (with templates)
Huddersfield Google (with templates)
Hull ht://Dig
Imperial College London Verity
Keele Google (with templates) ht://Dig
Kent Google (with templates)
Kings College London Google (with templates) swish-e
Kingston Google (with templates)
Lampeter Google (with templates)
Lancaster Google (with templates)
Leeds Google (with templates)
Leeds Metropolitan Unknown
Leicester ht://Dig
Lincoln Google (with templates)
Liverpool Google search appliance
Liverpool John Moores University Verity
London College of Printing Unknown
London Metropolitan Verity
London School of Economics Unknown
Loughborough Google (with templates)
Luton Google (with templates)
Manchester Google (with templates)
Manchester Metropolitan ht://Dig
Middlesex Unknown asp
Napier Unknown cgi
Newcastle Google search appliance
NEWI Verity
Newport, UWC Google (with templates)
North London Google (with templates)
Northumbria Unknown
Nottingham Google search appliance
Nottingham Trent Google (with templates)
Oxford Google (with templates)
Oxford Brookes ht://Dig
Paisley swish-e
Plymouth Unknown asp
Portsmouth Google (with templates)
Queen's Belfast Google search appliance
Reading Google (with templates) ht://Dig
Robert Gordon not working
Roehampton Google
Royal Holloway Verity
Salford ht://Dig
School of Oriental and African Studies Google (with templates)
Sheffield Google (with templates)
Sheffield Hallam Google (with templates)
South Bank Google (no templates)[2]
Southampton ht://Dig
St Andrews ht://Dig
Staffordshire Panoptic
Stirling ht://Dig
Strathclyde Google (with templates)
Sunderland Google search appliance
Surrey Google (with templates) Muscat
Sussex Verity
Swansea Google (with templates)
Teesside not found
Thames Valley University ht://Dig
The Open University Unknown
Trinity College Carmarthen Unknown
UHI Millennium Institute Google (with templates)
Ulster Verity
University College London Google (no templates)
University of Glasgow Google (with templates)
University of London ht://Dig
University of Manchester (UMIST) Google (with templates)
UWIC Google (with templates)
Wales not working
Warwick Atom search
West of England Unknown
Westminster Unknown
Wolverhampton Google (with templates)
York Google (with templates)

University header / menus inserted around results
No university branding used on results page - looks like a normal Google search


15 August 2005
Added details for Bath Spa (Google)
Added details for Roehampton (Google)
Corrected details for Liverpool (Google Search Engine Appliance)