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Survey Of UK Public Library Search Engines - October 2000

About This Document

This document provides information from a survey of UK Public Library Search Engines. The survey was originally carried out between 4-5th January 2000 using the information provided by the UK Public Library Page. The survey was updated on 2 October 2000.


Changes to the data will be given here.

  Library Search engine Search Location
1 Isle of Anglesey Library Services None found    
2 Angus Libraries None found    
3 Barking & Dagenham Libraries Search OPAC only
4 Barnet Libraries Search OPAC only
5 Bath and North East Somerset Libraries Microsoft (Search Council)
6 Bedfordshire Libraries None found    
7 Bexley Libraries ICE (Seach Council)
8 Birmingham Libraries Domino (Search Council)$$Search?OpenForm
9 Blackburn & Darwen Library Service None found    
10 Bolton Libraries None found    
11 Bracknell Forest Libraries None found    
12 Bradford Libraries None found    
13 Bridgend Library & Information Service Microsoft
14 Brighton & Hove Libraries None found    
15 Brent Libraries Domino$SearchForm?SearchView
16 Bristol City Libraries Muscat
17 Bromley Libraries None found    
18 Buckinghamshire County Libraries Search OPAC only
19 Bury Libraries None found    
20 Caerphilly Library Services None found    
21 Calderdale Libraries None found    
22 Cambridgeshire Libraries eXcite (Search Council)
23 Camden Libraries Cold Fusion (Search Council)
24 Cardiff County Libraries None found    
25 Ceredigion Libraries None found    
26 Cheshire Library Services Microsoft
27 Conwy Library, Information and Archives Service Not known (Search Council)
28 Cornwall Library Service None found    
29 Coventry City Libraries None found    
30 Croydon None found    
31 Cumbria Heritage Services None found    
32 Darlington Libraries None found    
33 Derbyshire Libraries None found    
34 Devon Library Services None found    
35 Dorset Library Service None found    
36 Dudley Libraries and Information None found    
37 Dumfries & Galloway Libraries and Archives Microsoft
38 Dundee City Libraries eXcite
39 Durham County Libraries None found    
40 Ealing None found    
41 East Ayrshire Library & Information Services None found    
42 East Lothian Libraries None found    
43 East Renfrewshire Libraries Microsoft
44 East Riding of Yorkshire None found    
45 Edinburgh City Libraries None found    
46 East Sussex County Library Service FreeFind
47 Enfield Libraries None found    
48 Essex Libraries Microsoft
49 Gateshead Libraries and Arts Service Microsoft
50 Glasgow City Libraries None found    
51 Gloucestershire Libraries None found    
52 Greenwich Libraries None found    
53 Hackney Libraries None found    
54 Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries Microsoft (Search Council)
55 Hampshire County Libraries Muscat
56 Harrow Microsoft
57 Hartlepool Borough Libraries None found    
58 Havering Libraries None found    
59 Hertfordshire Libraries None found    
60 Hillingdon Libraries None found    
61 Hounslow Library Network ht://Dig
62 Islington Libraries Microsoft
63 The Jersey Library None found    
64 Kendal Library Atomz
65 Kent County Library Services None found    
66 Kensington and Chelsea Libraries None found    
67 Kingston upon Hull City Libraries Not yet available
68 Kingston Upon Thames Libraries None found    
69 Kirklees Libraries Home grown
70 Knowsley Libraries None found    
71 Lancashire County Libraries None found    
72 Leeds City Libraries Home-grown (Search Council)
73 Lewisham Libraries ColdFusion
74 Lincolnshire Library Service Microsoft
75 Corporation of London Libraries None found    
76 Luton Libraries None found    
77 Manchester Public Libraries None found    
78 Merton Libraries None found    
79 Middlesbrough Libraries Domino
80 Midlothian Library Services None found    
81 Milton Keynes Library Service None found    
81 Monmouthshire Libraries and Information Services Microsoft (Search Council)
83 Newham Libraries ht://Dig (Search Council)
84 Newport Libraries None found    
85 Norfolk County Library and Information Service None found    
86 North East Lincolnshire Library Services None found    
87 North-Eastern Education and Library Board None found    
88 North Lanarkshire Libraries and Information Microsoft
89 North Lincolnshire Libraries & Information Services None found    
90 North Somerset Libraries None found    
91 Northamptonshire Library & Information Service None found    
92 Nottinghamshire Library Services Search OPAC
93 Oxfordshire Libraries None found    
94 Perth and Kinross Libraries Atomz
95 Plymouth Library Services Not yet available
96 Portsmouth City Library Service None found    
97 Powys Libraries & Archives ht://Dig
98 Richmond upon Thames Library Services None found    
99 Rochdale Library Service None found    
100 Rotherham Library Services None found    
101 Rutland Library & Museum Service Searches of Business and People Directories
102 Salford Libraries None found    
103 Sandwell Libraries None found    
104 SLAINTE None found    
105 Shropshire County Libraries Domino$SearchForm?SearchSite
106 Slough Library & Information Service None found    
107 Solihull Libraries None found    
108 Somerset County Libraries None found    
109 South Ayrshire Libraries None found    
110 South Gloucestershire Libraries None found    
111 South Lanarkshire Libraries Home-grown (Microsoft) (touch screen interface)
112 South Tyneside Libraries None found    
113 Southampton City Libraries Muscat (Search Council)
114 Southend on Sea Borough Libraries SFE Search
115 Staffordshire Library & Information Services None found    
116 Stirling Libraries None found    
117 Stoke-on-Trent Libraries Information & Archives None found    
118 Suffolk County Council - Libraries and Heritage Search OPAC
119 Surrey Libraries Lotus Domino (Full Council)
120 Sutton Libraries None found    
130 Swansea Libraries Microsoft (Search Council and areas)
131 Tameside Libraries and Heritage SWISH-E
132 Telford and Wrekin Libraries None found    
133 Thurrock Library Services None found    
134 Torfaen Libraries None found    
135 Tower Hamlets Libraries None found    
136 Vale of Glamorgan Libraries None found    
137 Wakefield Libraries and Information Services None found    
138 Walsall Libraries None found    
139 Waltham Forest Libraries Microsoft
140 Wandsworth Libraries Catalogue search
141 Warrington Libraries None found    
142 Warwickshire County Libraries Microsoft (Search Council)
143 West Berkshire Libraries None found    
144 West Lothian Library Services Microsoft (Search Council)
145 West Midlands Public Libraries Microsoft
146 West Sussex Libraries Microsoft (Search Council)
147 Western Education and Library Board None found    
148 Westminster Libraries and Archives Microsoft
149 Wigan Libraries None found    
150 Wiltshire County Libraries Not known (database)
151 Wirral Libraries None found    
152 Wokingham Libraries None found    
153 Wolverhampton Libraries and Information Services HotBot (remote)
154 Worcestershire County Libraries Microsoft
155 York City Libraries None found    

A summary of the search engine software used is given in the following table.

Software Totals Sites
Microsoft 20 (12.9%) Bath and North East Somerset Libraries - Bridgend - Cheshire Library Services - Dumfries - East Renfrewshire Libraries - Essex Libraries - Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries - Harrow - Islington Libraries - Lincolnshire Library Service - Monmouthshire Libraries and Information Services - North Lanarkshire Libraries and Information - Swansea Libraries - West Lothian Library Services - West Midlands Public Libraries - Waltham - Warwickshire County Libraries - Westminster Libraries and Archives - West Sussex Libraries - Worcestershire County Libraries
Lotus Domino 5 (3.2%) Birmingham Libraries - Brent - Middlesborough - Shropshire - Surrey Libraries
Muscat 3 (1.9%) Bristol City Libraries - Hampshire County Libraries - Southampton City Libraries
ht://Dig 3 (1.9%) Hounslow Library Network - Newham - Powys Libraries and Archives
ColdFusion 2 (1.3%) Camden Libraries - Lewisham
eXcite 2 (1.3%) Cambridgeshire Libraries - Dundee
Atomz 2 (1.3%) Kendall - Perth and Kinross Libraries
HotBot 1 (0.6%) Wolverhampton Libraries and Information Services
ICE 1 (0.6%) Bexley Libraries
SWISH-E 1 (0.6%) Tameside Libraries and Heritage
Freefind 1 (0.6%) East Sussex County Library Service
SFE Search 1 (0.6%) Southend on Sea Borough Libraries
Not known 2 (1.3%) Conwy Library, Information and Archives Service - Kirklees
Home-grown 2 (1.3%) Leeds City Libraries - South Lanarkshire Libraries
None found 90 (58.0%)  
Interface to OPAC / database 5 (3.2%) Barking & Dagenham - Barnet - Buckinghamshire - Suffolk County Council - Libraries and Heritage - Wiltshire County Libraries
Total 155

The totals for services which provide a search engine for the Web site (excluding, for example, searches of OPACs)are given below.

Software Totals
Microsoft 20 (43.5%)
Domino 5 (10.9%)
Muscat 3 (6.5%)
ht://Dig 3 (6.5%)
Others 15 (32.6%)
TOTAL 46 (100%)