UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop 2004:
Transforming The Organisation

About The Workshop

The Institutional Web Management Workshop series are organised by UK Web Focus and UKOLN in order to support members of institutional Web management teams within the UK Higher and Further Educational communities.

This year's Institutional Web Management Workshop took place at the University of Birmingham on 27-29th July 2004. The theme of the workshop, the eighth in the series, was Transforming The Organisation. The talks, parallel sessions and discussion groups addressed the issues of how the Web may be transforming our institutions and how our institutions' working practices and organisational structures may need to be transformed in order to make best use of the Web. In addition many of the more mainstream issues facing Web managers were addressed.

The event provided an opportunity for those involved in the provision of large-scale institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions.

Workshop Report

The following reports on the workshop are available:

IWMW 2004 Workshop Wiki

A workshop wiki was provided for the event which was hosted by Seedwiki. It was removed after the event.

Invitation To Join A Social Network

Workshop delegates are invited to create a FOAF file which will enable a electronic social network of participants to be created and viewed.

Post-Workshop News

2 November 2004

Added link to the workshop report published in Ariadne. (A7) parallel session.

1 September 2004

Added the slides for the Measuring the Impact of a CMS Implementation (A7) parallel session.

16 August 2004

Announced the IWMW-2004 Wiki to workshop delegates.

10 August 2004

Created a page containing a glossary of abbreviations and acronyms used on the IWMW 2004 Web site

Added the report of the discussion group session on Information Management issues.

9 August 2004

Added the notes of the Defining the Role of the Web Editor (A1) parallel session.

Invited workshop facilitators to make use of the IWMW-2004 Wiki.

2 August 2004

Added the slides for the Give The Dog A Plone (A6) parallel session.

Added the slides for the It Always Takes Longer Than You Think (Even If You Think It Will Take Longer Than You Think) (B1) parallel session.

Added the slides for the Taxonomies: The Science Of Classification (B3) parallel session.

Added the slides and workshop exercises for the Choosing a Search Engine for your Web Site (B8) parallel session.

Updated the workshop timetable details to reflect the changes made to the timetable.

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