Survey Of Search Engines For Selected Web Sites in the NEMLAC Region

The following table gives a summary of search engines for selected Web sites in the NEMLAC region.

A summary of the column headings is given below.


Table 1: Search Engines Survey for selected Web sites in the NEMLAC region
  Organisation Search Engine Comments Try It
1 NEMLAC Unknown  
2 Discovery Museum Unknown Part of Tyne & Wear Museums Web site
3 Hexham Libraries None found    
4 Newcastle Library None found    
5 Hartlepool Borough Libraries None found    
6 Northumberland Record Office None found    
7 Tyne & Wear Museums Unknown  
8 Hadrian's Wall None    

The information in the table was collected on 10th Septmber 2004.


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 2A: Summary
Search Engine 3 37.5%
No Search Engine 5 62.5%
Status not known 0 0%
Table 2B: Software Name
Unknown 3 100%