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Engagement, Impact, Value Workshop: 24 May 2010

The Engagement, Impact, Value Event

The Engagement, Impact, Value event was held in conjunction with staff at Mimas. The event provided an opportunity to share and discuss ways in which service providers can engage with their user communities in order to enhance the impact of the work and maximise the value.

The event was organised in conjunction with staff from Mimas. It was held at the University of Manchester on Monday 24th May 2010.


This one-day event aims to help participants gain a better understanding of ways in which innovative approaches can be used to demonstrate impact and enhance the take-up and impact of services and project outputs.

Target Audience

The event is aimed primarily at those involved in JISC-funded work. The event will be of interest to those with responsibility for demonstrating impact, promoting take-up of services, obtaining feedback from users and responding to such feedback.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the event participants should:

  • Have shared experiences around approaches to support user engagement in order to demonstrate the impact and value of their service or project.
  • Shared experiences around approaches to enhance the take-up of services or projects.
  • Discussed best practices for applying the idea in different contexts.
  • Have provided suggestions for further work in this area.
Date and Venue

The event will be held at the CEEBL venue which is located on Sackville Street, University of Manchester, M60 1QD. The event will take place on Monday 24 May 2010.


Attendance at the event is free. Note that in case the event is over-subscribed we reserve the right to restrict the numbers of attendees from the same organisation / project / service.


Online Booking

The online booking form ws available on EventBrite.


The timetable for the event is given below.

Time Topic Summary
10:00-10:15 Introduction Brian Kelly, UKOLN will give an introduction to the event.
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10:15-10:25 What do we Want to Know about Our Users? Caroline Williams, Mimas will highlight some questions that Mimas has been trying to find answers to in the context of use and non use of its services (for demonstrating impact and service enhancement) and user requirements for development.
10:25-10:40 Case Study 1: Market Research Janine Rigby, Mimas will give a talk which describes how Mimas commissioned and used market research to support project development.
10:40-11:00 Case Study 2: In-depth Interviews and Online Surveys A talk which describes gathering information to demonstrate the value of Copac, Zetoc and Archives Hub.
11:00-11:15 Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) Mike Gulliver, ILRT at the University of Bristol will give a talk which provides an overview of BOS.
11:15-12:00 Discussion Group 1: Understanding our Audiences Breakout sessions in which participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the mornings' presentations, apply thinking to their own context and discuss ways in which they can gain a better understanding of their audiences.
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12:00-12.20 Report Back  
12:20-13:10 Lunch
Doing It For Ourselves
13:10-13:40 Impact and Value: A JISC Perspective A talk by Ian Cooper, JISC Monitoring Unit which provides a JISC perspective on impact and evidence.
13:40-13:50 Case Study 3: Using Market Research to Inform the Development of Projects Janine Rigby, Mimas will give a talk which describes how market research has been applied to work (giving examples) and the associated issues.
13:50-14:00 Case Study 4: Using Audience Research for Branding and Communications Joy Palmer, Mimas will give a presentation which describes how audience research has been applied to branding and communications activity within Mimas and its services.
14:00-14:10 Case Study 5: Organisation Use of Twitter (Using the Social Web to Promote Service Deliverables) Brian Kelly, UKOLN will give a talk about Twitter in the context of organisational (as opposed to personal) use for maximising impact of service deliverables.
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14:10-14:55 Discussion Group 2: Enhancing Our Impact and Value Breakout sessions in which participants will discuss ways in which they maximise the impact and value of their work.
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14:55-15:10 Coffee
15:10-15:30 Report Back  
15:30-15:45 What Next? Suggestions from participants on additional work.
15:45-16:00 Conclusions The workshop facilitators will review the day and outline plans for further work in this area.