What If Web 2.0 Really Does Change Everyhing?

About This Talk

Brian Kelly gave a talk on What If Web 2.0 Really Does Change Everyhing? at an Intute meeting held at the Princess Hotel, Manchester from 10.00-10.30 on 7th November 2007.



What If Web 2.0 Really Does Change Everyhing?
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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - an advisory post funded by the JISC and the MLA based at UKOLN, the national centre of expertise in digital information management located at the University of Bath.

Brian first encountered the Web in December 1992, whilst Information Office in the Computing Services, University of Leeds. Convinced that the Web would be big, he helped establish an institutional Web service at the University in January 1993, possibly the first institutional Web service in the UK (when it was registered at CERN, there were only 50 organisations in the world who had registered their Web service.

In 1993 and 1994 Brian promoted the Web across the UK HE community, to initially a sceptical audience who were convinced that the future lay with Gopher. Over time the Web proved to be the winner - and Brian was pleased that one of the initial projects which identified the importance of the Web was SOSIG (with Debra Hiom and Nicky Ferguson sneaking into a HTML workshop session at a UCISA event in Aberdeen.

Over the years Brian has had further contact with Intute services, including co-authoring a paper with Debra Hiom on "A Quality Assurance Framework For Metadata" which was published in Library Trends in 2005.

Brian is currently involved in developing best practices for exploiting use of Web 2.0 technologies.