Interoperability? We Need Quality Assurance!
Talk for the Society of Archivists EAD/Data Exchange Group

Brian Kelly gave a talk on Interoperability? We Need Quality Assurance! at the AGM of the Society Of Archivists EAD/Data Exchange Group. The AGM took place in the Map Seminar Room, British Library, London on Thursday 11th November 2004. The talk lasted for about 45 minutes.


The importance of interoperability is now being widely accepted if we wish to provide application- and platform-independnt access to digital resources. The use of open standards can help in providing interoperability. Sadly, however, it is not the case that selecting the appropriate open standards for an application will guarantee interoperability. There are still difficulties in selecting appropriate standards. There is also a need to develop appropriate policies on the use of the standards and to implement systematic procedures in order to ensure that the policies are being implemented correctly.

This talk will describe the quality assurance framework which has been developed by the JISC-funded QA Focus project and the resources which are available.

Biographical Details

Brian Kelly's job title is "UK Web Focus". His remit is to support the cultural heritage and higher and further education communities in making effective use of Web technologies. His post is funded by the MLA and the JISC.

Brian is an experienced Web developer having set up his first Web site in January 1993 whilst working in the Computing Service at the University of Leeds. Convinced of the potential of the Web Brian was an early pioneer and evangelist, giving many presentations across the UK higher education community and, in 1994, writing a handbook on Running A WWW Service. Since then Brian has written many articles and given many presentations about the Web and has attended several of the International World Wide Web Conferences, acting as a member of the programme commitee on a number of occasions.

Since November 1996 Brian has been employed at UKOLN - a national centre of expertise in digital information management which is located at the University of Bath.

Since August 2003, following a change in funding arrangements, Brian's remit has been widened to include the cultural heritage sector. Brian has spokenm at several events aimed at the museums and libraies sectors and is looking forward to working more closely with the archives community.



Interoperability? We Need Quality Assurance!
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