ALPSP Technical Update Meeting, November 2006


Brian Kelly gave a talk on Web 2.0: What Does It Mean For The Publisher? on 21st November 2006 at the British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS at an ALPSP Technical Update Meeting on "Web 2.0 Hip or Hype: New Ways to Engage Users with Content?".

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What are the implications of Web 2.0 for the publishing sector? In this presentation Brian Kelly describes how various Web 2.0 technologies can be exploited by the publishing sector. The speaker argues that we are seeing a parallel with the mid-1990s, when publishers, educational institutions and similar organisations first encountered the Web. Back then there was initially scepticism, and it took some time before organisations may use of Web technologies to support their key business objectives. Web 2.0 seeks to build on the publishing paradigm of Web 1.0, by providing more user-focussed services, such as encounaging user to collaborate and produce their own content. But organisations still have concerns. This talk will seek to identify if such concerns are still valid and, if so, to explore strategies for addressing the concerns.



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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly holds the post of UK Web Focus at UKOLN, University of Bath. Brian's responsibilities include advising and supporting the UK higher and further education community on standards, best practices and innovation related to use of the Web.

Brian is a long-standing Web user and developer, having helped to set up the Web service at the University of Leeds in 1992 - possibly the first institutional Web service in the UK and one of the first fifty in the world to be registered at CERN, the birthplace of the Web.

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