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CETIS 2008 Conference

Brian Kelly and Marieke Guy were co-facilitators for a session on "Technological Innovation in a World of Web APIs" at the CETIS 2008 conference which was held in Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston on 25-26th November 2008.

Technological Innovation in a World of Web APIs

Technological Innovation in a World of Web APIs
Date and Time
26th November 2008 from 09.00-13.00

This workshop session on "Technological Innovation in a World of Web APIs" will seek to explore what IT development and innovation means in a world of APIs and the availability of Software as a Service (SaaS). Does this mean that in the future e-learning services will no longer be hosted locally but will be provided "in the cloud"? This may be a vision which appeals to some, but what are the limitations and concerns of such an approach? And how should should concerns be addressed?

The session will be an interactive one and participants will be expected to contribute to the discussions and debate.

The session will be facilitated by Brian Kelly and Marieke Guy, UKOLN.

Proposed Structure

The following proposal for the structure of the workshop session is given:

What Happening Now?

An introduction to the facilitators and the aims of the session.
Clarifying what people hope to get out of the session.
Exploring The Potential
Exploring the potential of APIs.

Looking To The Future

Acknowledging The Challenges
Debating the limitations of APIs.
Resolving The Tensions
Discussing ways of resolving the tensions between the potential benefits and perceived limitations.
Planning The Future
Making plans for future course of actions.


Please note that this session is not intended to involve detailed technical discussions - rather the emphasis will be on policy issues, best practices, etc.

User Contributions

We welcome active participation in the workshop. This may include involvement in group discussions, reporting back sessions, etc. However we will also welcome proposals for brief presentations during the session. This might include presentations on case studies involving use of APIs or SaaS or perhaps a willingness to take part in a debate in the pros and cons of Web APIs and SaaS. Some ideas for possible talks include:

  • My preferred development environment for exploiting Web APIs
  • Using Web APIs 'in the cloud' - demonstrating the benefits and the challenges
  • Demonstrating the value of reuse of my APIs

Openness of the Session

The workshop facilitators would be keen to ensure that the discussions and outputs of the session are made available with a Creative Commons licence which allows reuse by others. We will seek to clarify the rights of user-generated content at the start of the session.



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Introduction to Web APIs
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Introduction to the Cloud
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APIs For Library Services
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