CETIS Conference 2007: Responding to Change and Institutional Challenge

The "Responding to Change and Institutional Challenges" Workshop Session

Brian Kelly and Paul Walk facilitated a workshop session on "Responding to Change and Institutional Challenges" at the JISC CETIS 2007 conference on "Beyond Standards - Holistic Approaches to Educational Technology and Interoperability" which took place at the Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham. This session took place from 13.30-17.30 (with an extended 45 minute coffee break) on Tuesday 20th November 2007.

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Further Details

"Web 2.0 changes everything!". As can be seen from a Google search for this phrase many seem to feel that the advent of Web 2.0 technologies is heralding significant changes in many sectors. But how, exactly, is Web 2.0 changing the nature of our institutions and the way in which learning is provided within our institutions? Will Web 2.0 bring about significant changes within our institutions or is it, in fact, being overhyped, with the changes will simply be absorbed into mainstream activities? How will the changes in approaches to IT development and deployment of services affect the well-established approaches which have been taken? And how should those responsible for managing mission-critical IT services respond to the changing technical environments, implications for funding and sustainability and for managing the staff needed to support a variety of functions?

In the workshop session on "Responding to Change and Institutional Challenges" participants will have the opportunity to discuss these issues. Brief presentations covering a couple of subject areas (e.g. the role of Web 2.0) will be prepared, but there will also be the opportunity to discuss other topics of interest to the participants.

Draft Timetable

The draft timetable is given below.

13.30 Introductions Workshop facilitators
13.45 What are the changes? What are the institutional challenges Group exercise
14.00 "What if Web 2.0 changes everything?" BK to facilitate
15.00 Tea break  
15.45 The Changing Development Environment PW to facilitate
16.45 The Changing Management Challenges  
17.15 Conclusions  




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What If Web 2.0 Really Does Change Everything?
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