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Other relevant JISC activities: eBank

Relevant non-JISC activities: DART (Australia)

Themes: interactions between data and institutional (publications) repositories, support for scientific lifecycle, storage and access requirements / standards for scientific data, differences between disciplines in terms of these requirements.

Interested Advisory Group members: Sheila Anderson, Rachel Heery

Repositories Research team contact: MahendraMahey

Data Repositories Around the World

Name of Repository: CURATOR - Chiba University's Repository for Access to Outcomes from Research

Country: Japan

Organisation: Chiba University


Description: CURATOR captures, preserves and makes publicly available intellectual digital materials from research activities on Chiba University campuses. CURATOR is intended to function as the portal for the outcomes from Chiba University's research activities. The University Library is responsible for building and operating CURATOR under the guidance of the Faculty Committee for Improved Scholarly Information Availability, which commissioned by the Library Board of Faculty Representatives to systematically promote and arrange disseminative activities by the University.

Subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, History and Archaeology, Biology and Life Sciences, Science General, Business and Economics, Technology and Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Social Sciences, Law and Political Science, Languages and Literatures, Arts and Architecture, Health Sciences, Agriculture and Food Sciences

Type: Research data-sets, Chapters, Learning objects, Books, Articles, Conference papers, Pre-print journal articles, Reports

Name of Repository: Demetrius

Country: Australia

Organisation: Australian National University


Description: Demetrius preserves and distributes digital collections including; research reports, papers, projects, data sets, image collections, and more.

Subjects: Business and Economics, Biology and Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology and Engineering, Agriculture and Food Sciences, Arts and Architecture, Health Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, History and Archaeology, Languages and Literatures, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Law and Political Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy and Religion

Type: Research data-sets, Conference papers, Articles, Working papers, Reports, Multimedia

Name of Repository: IAI-DIS

Country: Brazil

Organisation: Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research


Description: Metadata referencing scientific data produced within the IAI (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research) programs.

Subjects: Earth and Environmental Sciences

Type: Research data sets, Articles, Posters, Presentations, Reports

Name of Repository: Leiden University Repository

Country: Netherlands

Organisation: Leiden University

Description: Leiden University Repository collects, preserves, indexes and distributes digital scholarly output of it's researchers.


Subjects: Law and Political Science, Languages and Literatures, Chemistry, Biology and Life Sciences, Philosophy and Religion, Physics and Astronomy, History and Archaeology, Technology and Engineering, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Sciences, Health Sciences

Type: Research data-sets, Articles, Chapters, Books, Reports, Dissertations, Working papers

Name of Repository: Southampton Crystal Reports

Country: United Kingdom

Organisation: University of Southampton


Subjects: Chemistry, Biology and Life Sciences

Type: Research data-sets

Description: Southampton eCrystals is the archive for Crystal Structures generated by the Southampton Chemical Crystallography Group and the EPSRC UK National Crystallography Service. The archive contains crystalography datasets, rather than research papers.


A meeting of the data repositories cluster was held during the programme meeting on the 10th October 2005:

A meeting of the data repositories cluster was held during the programme meeting on the 27th and 28th of March 2006:

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