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The first CRIG RepoCamp'08 will be taking place at the Library of Congress on Friday July 25th 2008.

This event is the finale event for the CRIG Roadshow.

A basic FAQ is below, but if you know what this is all about proceed to the RepoCamp wiki below and then get some of your ideas up in the GoogleGroups discussion area!


What is a "RepoCamp"?

A "RepoCamp" is devoted to interaction, rather than presentation, and on doing, rather than reporting. So the format is self-organizing and emergent. No two events are the same. But generally, the activity will consist of pre-meeting web postings, 5-10 minute pitches to introduce ideas or information, ad hoc prototyping and demonstrations, and lots of free-range discussion.

If you have been to a BarCamp[1] or an Unconference[2] you'll get the general idea. The key to these events is to show up and be ready to engage in discussion about your own and other people's radical thoughts and innovative ideas. Watch the RepoCamp wiki[3] as the topics and participants for this event reveal themselves.

Who should come?

Any and all are welcome, but the language of choice will be 'geek', i.e. if you are a developer, hacker, or tech savvy this event is for you!

What should I bring?

All those looming thoughts on how repositories could be improved (need inspiration: have a look over your unpublished draft posts in your blog). Then be brave and post a comment or two on the CRIG RepoCamp wiki [4] (you can also just delicious tag your blog with "CRIG" and our feed aggregator will pick up the post). Also, most bring their laptops (or some kind of WiFi enabled device, iPhones are welcome as well I guess </iPhone envy>).

What do I need to do to register

Get to the RepoCamp wiki [5] and add yourself to the list, then head over to our GoogleGroups Dicussion area and post a couple of ideas on the discussion board [6]. Even if you are not sure if you can make it at this point please register anyways (we won't ask for final attendance confirmation 'til the week before).

How much does it cost?

The event is free, sponsored by the JISC's CRIG. We'll have pizza, caffeine (in its various forms) and beer for those who actively contribute to the day, e.g. anyone who gives an elevator pitch or creates a prototype will be given a free beer coupon for later that evening.

What can I expect on the day?

First off there is no definitive schedule, this wiki page will reveal more as we get closer to the day so keep checking back[7]. Generally, the following format emerges: after coffee, intros and camp rules, we'll invite people up to put forward their 5 minute "elevator pitches" (i.e. what's inspiring/bugging you right now). We then do a bit of self organizing (flip charts around the room with elevator pitches listed on each one where people can come up and contribute their own thoughts). Lunch usually happens somewhere around here. Then after lunch we leave it open for ad hoc prototyping to occur. Often we declare some "gurus" to help spearhead the afternoon's prototyping. This is usually where teams of prototyping teams emerge and get hacking on their idea. We let the afternoon run until about 4pm then we call a hault to the activities and have people come back and give a new set of elevator pitches based off of what they developed: this can be anything from a paper-prototype to a working interface or a new revelation all together. At this time we usually either have the beer brought in or we make our way to the local bar for continued discussion and ideas (often where the best ideas occur).

I have more questions

Great, email and ask away.