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The growth of e-Science activity has led to the creation of increasing volumes of research data from projects and initiatives in a range of disciplines from "pure" and applied science to social sciences and the arts and humanities. Various organisations are stakeholders in the long-term curation and preservation of research data including Research Council-funded data centres, higher education institutions, publishers and other professional bodies. The forthcoming 2007 - 2009 JISC strategy recognises the need for the development of infrastructure and services to support e-Research and digital repositories form a key element in achieving this goal: 'to deliver innovative and sustainable ICT infrastructure, services and practice that support institutions in meeting their missions'. Digital repositories and preservation are identified as an area for further development under the 2006 - 2009 Capital Programme.

Aims and Objectives

JISC has requested that Dr Liz Lyon, Director, UKOLN, undertake a small-scale consultancy to investigate the relationships between data centres and institutions which may develop data repositories. The resulting direction-setting report is to be used to advance the digital repository development agenda within JISC's Capital Programme (2006 - 2009), to assist in the co-ordination of research data repositories and to inform an emerging Vision and Roadmap. The aim of the consultancy is to complete the step (1) in the following workflow:

This Report will feed into:

Which in turn will contribute to the wider goal of agreeing:

The Consultancy objectives are therefore:


The Consultancy work will:

  1. Carry out investigatory work leading to a Briefing Paper [PDF]
  2. Facilitate a one-day Workshop on October 10 [HTML]
  3. Complete follow up work and produce a Report for the JISC
  4. Create a modified report for wider public consumption.

Timescale: The work to start on 11th September and to be completed by Friday 8th December 2006.

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