JISC Data Cluster Consultation Workshop

Exploring the roles and responsibilities of data centres and institutions in curating research data.

CCLRC, Didcot, Oxon
10 October 2006

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The workshop will be held in the Atlas Building - rooms 8, 9 and 10.

Arrival | Coffee and Tea
10.20 Welcome and Introduction

Background, context and aims of the day. [presentation]
Liz Lyon, UKOLN, University of Bath (Facilitator)
Understanding the data curation landscape
10.30 EBI as a research infrastructure [presentation] Graham Cameron, EBI
10.50 We Must All Be Curators Now:
From Ingest to Service Delivery, at Data Library and National Data Centre [presentation]
Peter Burnhill, EDINA
11.10 Roles, Rights and Responsibilities in Data Curation; The NERC Perspective [presentation] Mark Thorley, NERC
Coffee Break
11.45 Developing institutional data repositories [presentation] Simon Coles, University of Southampton
12.05 Data Curation in Crystallography: Publisher Perspectives [presentation] Brian McMahon, IUCR
Identifying Issues
13.45 Round table discussion

1) Socio-cultural, organisational and legal aspects of collaborative working

Leader: Matthew Woollard, UK Data Archive

2) Federation models, interoperability and inter-relationships between repositories

Leader: Brian Matthews, CCLRC

3) Individual and organisational roles and responsibilities

Leader: Chris Rusbridge, DCC

Liz Lyon
Coffee Break
15.15 Reporting back Liz Lyon
15.45 Summary

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