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Arts and Humanities Data Service

The AHDS are currently working on an implementation of Dublin Core. During early 1997, AHDS - in conjunction with UKOLN - organised a series of workshops to discuss resource discovery issues. The resulting report, edited by Paul Miller and Dan Greenstein, is entitled Discovering online resources across the humanities: a practical implementation of the Dublin Core and is available from: <URL:>

This report contains Paul Miller's chapter on "Unifying resource discovery metadata for the humanities: an application based upon the Dublin Core", available at: <URL:>


The BIBLINK project has identified the metadata requirements of the national libraries participating in the project. This BIBLINK metadata was then mapped to Dublin Core with a note of which elements would require extensions to the basic DC set. A document listing these metadata together with the DC mapping is available at <URL:>.

The resulting metadata set is known as BIBLINK Core or BC. A mapping from BC to UNIMARC can be found at: <URL:>.

NewsAgent for Libraries

NewsAgent has a working draft of some Notes on the use of Dublin Core within the project which includes NewsAgent-specific extensions for "topic" and "coverage". The document is available at: <URL:>.

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