A 'service oriented' view of the JISC Information Environment


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A 'service oriented' view of the JISC Information Environment
Andy Powell
November 2005
Abstract: This document is intended to help clarify the relationship of the JISC IE architecture to 'service oriented' architectures such as those adopted by the DLF Abstract Services Taskforce and the e-Framework for Education and Research. It starts from the set of 'service components' shown in the JISC IE architecture diagram, extrapolating a list of the 'abstract services' that are expected to be offered and then listing a set of candidate 'service bindings' (that correspond with the protocols and standards listed in the JISC IE technical standards document. This document builds on an earlier attempt to develop a tentative 'reference model' for the discovery to delivery space occupied by the JISC IE. The previous document took a functional approach, using UML use cases to document the anticipated behaviour of end-users of the JISC IE, then building up a set of 'business processes', 'abstract services' and 'service bindings'. However, the list of abstract services provided in the older document is too simplistic and incomplete to be useful.