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    Application Profiles

Building communities of users

This activity was undertaken by UKOLN on behalf of the JISC as part of the Application Profiles Support Project. It was aimed at engaging with users, service providers and developers in a practical, hands-on way, in order to provide accessible, user-facing information about application profiles for communities of interest within the wider the information community.

Some examples in current use

Note that not all of these are "traditional" application profiles in the usual sense, but they can nonetheless be considered in practice to be either complete or partial application profiles, or else provide the means to develop an application profile for a local purpose:

  • SWAP (The Scholarly Works Application Profile) in:
  • The Welsh Repository Network's metadata overview describing Dublin Core (these guidelines do not constitute an application profile as such, but could provide the means to develop a limited local application profile based on DCMES)
  • CERIF in various CRIS systems (Current Research Information Systems) and the R4R (Ready for REF) Project in the UK
  • The Dublin Core metadata contained within the ePub packaging format