UKOLN Wiki Workshop 2006: Talk By Steven Warburton

Wikis and Collaboration: Approaches to Deploying Wikis in Educational Settings

This page provides access to the slides to be used by Steven Warburton in his talk on "Wikis and Collaboration: Approaches to Deploying Wikis in Educational Settings".


Wikis are not new, yet despite a low-key presence since the mid 1990s they have only recently reached mainstream deployment as simple collaborative tools for research and community-based knowledge repositories (cf. Wikipedia). What conceptual and cultural changes have occurred which now make wikis such a popular choice for sharing content? And, importantly for this session, how can they be exploited within an educational environment? This talk will explore the use of wikis through a series of case studies which outline differing approaches to their deployment within a variety of learning and teaching settings. A critical appraisal of the rise of social software and Web 2.0 technologies will form a backdrop to the discussions and the possibilities afforded by wikis will be examined through comparisons of Internet based use against the particular demands of the institution. The focus will be on the collaborative nature of new and emerging technologies and developing pedagogical designs which exploit effective integration into the educational process. The theoretical implications of 'communities of practice' (Wenger 1998) and 'networked collaborative e-learning' (McConnell 2006) will be used to address the belief that wikis can promote a democratic engagement with learning where students can situate themselves both as consumers and producers of knowledge.


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