UKOLN Wiki Workshop 2006: About The Discussion Groups

About About The Discussion Groups

The will be four/five discussion groups (depending on demand for the fifth group):

  1. Supporting The Needs of the User: who are the users; what are their requirements, ... This discussion group is likely to include a focus on the needs of students.
  2. Supporting The Needs of the Institution: what are the requirements of departments, groups, institutions, etc.
  3. Beyond the Needs of the Student: what additional groups of users are there and what are their requirements, ...
  4. Beyond the Institution: what are the needs for groups which may extend beyond the institutions.
  5. Wiki Power Users: what perspectives can power user provide. This group, which will only run if there is sufficient demand, is likely to address issues such as importing data into Wiki; migration from one Wiki to another; interoperability between WIkis and with other services; authentication; etc.

The discussion groups will meet twice:

The report back sessions will take place from 13.10-13.35 and 15.30-16.00.


Please note the the following slides do not contain additional information.

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