Exploiting The Potential Of Wikis
Discussion Group A4: Beyond the Institution

Discussion Group A4: Beyond the Institution

This page provides access to the information for the discussion groups at the UKOLN workshop on Initiatives & Innovation: Managing Disruptive Technologies held at Austin Court, Birmingham on Friday 3rd November 2006.

About The Discussion Groups

Following the two sets of plenary talks, workshop delegates will attend discussion groups which will provide an opportunity for group discussions. Since a WiFi network is available at the venue we will encourage the discussion groups to make use of a Wiki to keep a record of the group discussions and any recommendations which may be made.

Discussion Group A4 (morning): Beyond the Institution

The first discussion group will take place after two plenary talks which will illustrate how Wikis are being used to support teaching and learning and in a research context.

Please appoint a chair and a reporter (and possibly a note-taker). A summary of your discussions should be kept on the Wiki which is available below. The notes on the Wiki should form the basis of the report back.


Discussion Group A4: Notes

The following Wikis are available for keeping a record of the discussions: