UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop

Web Tools Session

This document gives a draft proposal for the half-day session on Web Tools.

The session is expected to attract 10-20 participants.


The workshop report is available..

Workshop Facilitator: Dave Hartland (Netskills)

Workshop Venue

The workshop session will require a PC cluster and a networked PC with Powerpoint and a Web browser with a projection device and an OHP for use by the speakers. Flipcharts will be needed for the discussion groups. The workshop session should be based in a PC cluster for the hands-on session.

Workshop Timetable

Workshop Session

Time Session Comments Who
2.00-2.10 Introduction Aims of session Dave Hartland
2.10-2.20 Getting to know each other Participants spilt into smaller groups and introduce each other and explain what they want from session All
2.20-3.00 Browser administration (deployment) kits for IE and Netscape Brett Burridge
3.00-3.40 Zope Zope: a smart way to devolve the management of a dynamic Web site Paul Browning
2.20-2.55 Tea -
3.00-4.35 Content Management Systems Stephen Emmott
4.35-5.05 Choosing a Search Engine for your Web Dave Hartland
5.05-5.30 Report back, discussion and recommendations Group Discussion  

Draft Summary for Individual Sessions