UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop

Design, Access, Accessibility

This document gives a draft proposal for the half-day session on "Design, Access, Accessibility".

The session is expected to attract 15-20 participants.

Abstract: This session will look at web design and navigation from various perspectives, including those of special needs users. Participants will be introduced to Bobby and will also use WebSpeak, a speaking browser. Paul Booth (DISinHE) will be contributing, and the session will include a showing of the W3C/RNIB Websites That Work video.

Participants involved in organising the session are Andrew Aird and Paul Booth.



The parallel session will include presentations by Andrew Aird and Paul Booth, showing of a video, hands-on work in groups of 5 and 3, group discussion and sreporting back by group representatives.


Time Details
2.00 Introduction (AA) - explain objectives, introduce PB. Questions - validation, browser checking, etc. Put delegates into groups of 5
2.10 Group work - Developing a critique (as per last year, but only one scenario to be attempted)
2.35 Report back (stats on white board) AA - difficult for us, what about special needs users?
2.50 RNIB / W3C Video
3.05 Discussion lead by PB
3.15 PB Presentation on Bobby, etc. Introduction and demo of WebSpeak AA: set up groups of 3 for after tea session
3.30 Tea Break
3.50 Group work in threes: in turn use WebSpeak to show page they are responsible for. Other two try to take notes, not looking at screen.
4.05 Quick feedback
Exercise - create web page from text file from AA that works with Web Speak, looks good, etc and validates with Bobby. PB will go round and help groups.
4.45 Sharing of pages - comments from PB and group discussion.
5.00 Group work in 4s - come up with some recommendations for web managers
5.15 Appoint spokesperson Sharing and final formulation of these - conclusions by PB
5.30 Session ends