Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Plenary Talk: Web 2.0 - Whatever Happened to Web 1.0?

Plenary Talk: Web 2.0 - Whatever Happened to Web 1.0?

This page provides details of the plenary talk on "Web 2.0 - Whatever Happened to Web 1.0?".

Web 2.0 - Whatever Happened to Web 1.0?
David Hyett, Head of Information & Records Management, British Antarctic Survey

At the start of the redevelopment of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) external Web site, there was initial enthusiasm for "Web 2.0" with many stakeholders using the term without actually knowing what it meant.

Fancy, interactive interfaces, are no substitute for good information architecture, good navigation and good content - all of which should be underpinned by understanding the user and their goals. The session will look at how the Web 2.0 concept can be interpreted and will argue that it should be used with caution. Web 2.0 by any definition is likely to have its place within an organisation's Web strategy but should only be considered once we've got Web 1.0 right! And let's now forget about "Usability 2.0" and "Accessibility 2.0" either! The experience and lessons learned by BAS will be highlighted.

This talk took place from 09.00-09.45 on Wednesday 23rd July 2008.
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David Hyett
Head of Information and Records Management
British Antarctic Survey


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