Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Speaker: Alison Wildish

Photo of Alison Wildish Alison Wildish is an advocate of institutions embracing third party services to support their marketing/communications initiatives and has an active interest in the opportunities offered by personalisation and user owned technologies. Heading up the Web Services team at the University of Bath she manages the central Web team and is responsible for the strategic direction of University Web services. She formerly held the same position at Edge Hill University where she led projects which include; the University portal project and the development of the Applicant Community Web site (winner of a UCISA best practice award). Alison blogs at

Last year Alison gave a plenary talk entitled "Let the Students do the Talking..." which focussed on the approach to Web services at Edge Hill. This year she gaveg a plenary talk entitled "Look Who's Talking Now..." which, following her move to Bath, focusses on the differences between managing Web services at new and established Universities and answering the question - has her vision changed as a result?

Alison can be contacted at <>.