Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Workshop Facilitator: Marieke Guy

Photo of Marieke Guy Marieke Guy is currently a member of the Interoperability Focus team at UKOLN. Interoperability Focus is a national activity, jointly funded by JISC of the Further and Higher Education Funding Councils and the MLA. Marieke is based at UKOLN.

Marieke's previous roles at UKOLN have included Project Manager for the Subject Portals Project and ePrints UK Projects, NOF-digitise Advisor and editor of Cultivate Interactive, Exploit Interactive and Ariadne Web Magazines.

Marieke has attended and presented at a number of the Institutional Web Management Workshops and was chair of the 2006 workshop, organised the IWMW 2007 workshop and then went off on maternity leave! She has recently become a remote worker and is enjoying tackling the challenges it presents!

Marieke is a member of the IWMW 2008 organising commitee and co-facilitated a workshop on "Embracing Web 2.0 Technologies to Grease the Wheels of Team Cohesion" with Andy Ramsden and a workshop on "Approaches To Web Resource Preservation" with Brian Kelly. She also chaired the first afternoon session on Thursday 22nd July on "A Vision For The Future".

Marieke can be contacted at <>.