Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Strategies For Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Workshop Session

Note that due to the facilitator having other committments this session was not delivered.

Strategies For Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Brian Kelly, UKOLN

In the old days life was simple. Everyone one made use of services provided in-house, typically managed by the local IT Services department. Everyone grumbled - they wanted extra functionality, they wanted alternative services ("I don't want to use MW Word, I prefer Wordperfect") and, of course, we'd hear cries of "every other university is using X, why aren't we?". People complained, but the services worked; students got their degress and researchers carried out their research using institutional services.

But now externally-hosted Web services have librated the users from the constraints imposed on them by their institutions. Martin weller, a professor at the Open University recently commented that "I have finally shed all institutional services ( - it's marvellously liberating. And this is just the basic stuff - I have also evolved a PLE/PWE (for want of a better term). IT services simply can't compete - just look at the email - my mailbox was full at the OU. With GMail I am using 1%. That's an order of magnitude difference. And the same applies with every tool you care to mention in lots of different ways - design, usability, robustness (the idea that IT services hosted tools are less robust doesn't stand up)."

Is this vision of the future feasible? Is it scalable? Or is it a dangerous vision, full of risks for both the individual student or researcher and the institution?

This workshop session will address the risks associated with use of externally-hosted Web 2.0 services and develop strategies for assessing and managing such risks

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session participants should have:
  • Gained an understanding of the risks associated with use of externally-hosted Web services.
  • Undersoood how to compare such risks with the risks of doing nothing or the risks associated with use of extisting in-house services.
  • Carried out a personal audit on individual use of externally-hosted Web services
  • Explored how personal audit strategies on use of externally-hosted Web services can be applied in a wider context.
  • Had the opportunity to discuss best practices with other participants.
Room Requirements:
PC, internet access and data projector.
Wednesday 23th July 2008 from 15:30-17:00
Contact Details
Brian Kelly
UK Web Focus
University of Bath